Nadine is a wonderful vocal teacher with a wealth of knowledge, eager to pass on and share her passion for the voice! Nadine has great experience in teaching an array of voices from beginners, male and female, to working professionals and voice disorders. Nadine’s communication is clear and her approach is thoughtful; As her student, you will definitely be taken care of!

Penelope Pettigrew

Solo Artist, The Voice 2021

Nadine is a fantastic singing teacher, she has a vast amount of knowledge and is very professional. Many of my friends in the industry have worked with her and walked out with better technique, sound & overall confidence.

Sammy Taylor (Aroutidis)

Lead Singer, Trinity (X Factor, 2014)

Nadine knows more about singing and vocal technique than any teacher I have ever worked with. In one 30 minute lesson with her I learnt more about the voice and vocal technique than in 20 years of lessons and a five year degree. Basically, if you don’t go to see her – you are missing out. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced singer – there is so much you can learn from Nadine.

Stephanie Kirby

Singer, Lady Sings It Better & Ultimate PiNK Show

Nadine’s knowledge on vocal health, especially voice disorders is incredible and she’s an extremely valuable asset to the singing community. I’ve seen Nadine’s passion and knowledge of voice/singing in action over the past 4 years of working with her in the industry. Through her role as vocal director of a Motown band and Big Band, she’s fantastic with arrangements and bringing out the best in singers. Whether you’re a beginner or pro Nadine is a great teacher who will bring out the best in you!

Amy Price

Lead Singer/Songwriter, Night Kite

Nadine Manion has a contagious enthusiasm for reaching full potential, she’s the inspiration I needed. Every lesson is perfectly planned for the student’s level and ability with the end goal always in sight. I came to Nadine with a voice problem and damaged confidence. After just a few lessons I had my confidence back and my voice has been on track with the voice recovery plan she created.

Mickey Pye

Toyota Star Maker Winner 2015, mickeypye.com.au

Nadine is the real deal. I personally have struggled with voice problems for most of my career, until Nadine came into my life and spoke honestly with me about my voice. She helped me to start an open dialogue about all the things I knew where happening but was too scared to admit. Nadine’s methods are extremely effective, easy to understand and straight to the point and with a little practice on your side Nadine can have you singing like you have never sung before, problem free and with ease.

Lucia Neville

Lead Singer, A Girl's A Gun

My daughter Jacinta came to Nadine after 6 years of previous vocal and music training. We were devastated when Jacinta’s vocal teacher of 6 years moved to Wagga Wagga and struggled to find a teacher to replace her for contemporary vocal. We did trial a teacher in Sydney for 6 months, who in the end did not turn out to be right for her. In the end, it was Jacinta’s old teacher who suggested we look into Nadine This is what we did and we couldn’t be happier.

Nadine has become an integral part of our family and I have found throughout the years that the most important thing for success for Jacinta has been her relationship with her tutors. Nadine has quickly become not only a teacher, but a mentor and a friend whom she respects and trusts.

Nadine has taken the time to get to know Jacinta and us as a family. I feel that this understanding is critical for the success of the relationship of teacher and student.

For me, the best thing about learning with Nadine is the nurturing and honest environment. Jacinta has been given the opportunity to further develop her strengths and to work on her areas of weakness in a space that is honest, does not judge, that encourages her self-confidence, allows exploration of what can be, and has encouraged Jacinta to work on becoming the artist that she wants to be.

​Jacinta’s growth as an artist and as a person has taken on a renewed vigor and I see a beautiful and young talented girl, changing into a mature, self-confident, talented young adult, and part of this transformation is a direct result of her involvement with Nadine, and for this I can not thank you enough.

Jackie Finch

on behalf of Jacinta Finch, AIM High Student