Contemporary Vocal Lessons

Through a student-centred approach I encourage each singer to guide the direction of their voice. Together we’ll work towards a voice that is healthy, easy, effective and reflective of your true identity.

I pride myself on creating a safe gender-affirming space in my studio, and am registered with the ACON Welcome Here program. Singing is a form of self identity and expression. I believe everyone should have the support to explore their singing voice safely and in a supportive environment. 

Vocal Health & Rehabilitation

For singers, your voice is your instrument. It’s easy to say, and we all know it. But for those of us who use our voices professionally, ensuring an excellent performance each and every time means preparing your instrument for the job.

If you’ve had an issue with your voice identified, and are committed to rehabilitating your instrument, let’s work together to sort it out!

​Vocal health has been a passion of mine since I discovered I had a voice disorder in . Learning that one day you might not be able to do the thing you love the most can be heart-breaking – don’t I know it.

​Overcoming and rehabilitating a voice disorder is both challenging and rewarding, and now as a specialist in vocal health I have the skills to help fellow performers get back on track.>

Singing Teacher Training

Knowing how to use your voice is a little bit different to translating that knowledge into an effective learning environment for singers.

As the former owner and creative director of a successful music studio, a practicing singing teacher and a contemporary vocal lecturer for several years, I have a detailed understanding of what you require to run your own studio.

For guidance and information on how to take the leap, please get in touch.

Career Development & Mentoring

If you’re new to the music industry it can be tough to navigate, and a couple wrong turns early on in your career can mean it’s over before it’s even begun! With plenty of years experience in the industry here in Australia I offer tips and guidance to singers and teachers wishing to make it professionally in the music industry.