Intro to vocal technique & performance (8 week singing short course)

This 8 week singing short course is designed for beginner level singers interested in contemporary singing who would like to explore their voices in a fun and supportive environment.

7:30pm – 9:00pm Mondays from February 6th – March 20th 2023

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Spots in this class are now all taken. The next class starts on 17th April 2023 - more details including how to register here.

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Do you enjoy singing? Maybe that’s around the house, on your drive to work, in a local choir, or in a musical society. Many of us sing for enjoyment – but have never been taught how to sing.

Learning how to sing isn’t just for those who want to make a career out of it. It’s a chance to continue your personal development and spend time exploring your voice – both literally and metaphorically.

So many students have come to me saying “I’ve been singing for years but I don’t really know what I’m doing”. This is a chance for you to take that next step. In this short course I’ll introduce you to concepts and techniques that will give you more enjoyment in singing and help you to build the voice you’ve dreamed of.

If you’re ready to learn more and want to do so in a low pressure, cost-effective environment, this 8-week singing course is for you.

It will teach you the fundamentals of singing technique, improve your singing within 8 weeks, and set you up with a solid foundation if you want to continue training your singing voice.

I’ll equip you with super transferrable, implementable information. Each week you’ll get a handout summarising what you learnt in the lesson, and how you can apply that at home.

The last 4 weeks will provide singers the opportunity to practise performing a song and apply the techniques they’ve learned.  This will provide singers with the chance to work with me individually, ask specific questions about things you’re having difficulty with and get feedback on what will have the biggest impact on your singing.

This 8 week singing short course is designed for beginner-level singers interested in contemporary singing who would like to explore their voices in a fun and supportive environment.


When & where

Mondays from February 6th - March 20th 2023
7:30pm - 9:00pm
8 weeks
Summer Hill in Sydney's inner west

This short course will run in the beautiful "Little B.I.G Foundation" venue in the Flour Mill complex. It's a lovely space, perfect for a small group to come together and learn about singing!


Who is this course for?

This short course is an introduction to vocal technique and performance for adults of all ages. So it's perfect if you match one or more of the following:

  • You've been singing for a little while with no or limited training
  • You want to build a solid foundation in vocal technique
  • You want to find your singing voice and try something new

Numbers are limited (maximum twelve) to ensure each singer can receive individual attention and advice.

It's important to me that singers are given the best opportunity to succeed and enjoy their singing, so if you're not sure if this is the right course for you give me a call on 0401 909 082 and we can chat.


What you'll learn & do - Vocal technique

The class will look at the key elements of vocal technique including:

  • Breathing and support
  • Resonance
  • Body alignment
  • Diction and phrasing
  • Warming up and cooling down
  • Practise strategies
  • Physiology of the voice

By the end of the 8 weeks, you'll have a solid understanding of the basics of vocal technique and will take away practical strategies/exercises for how you can apply them to your singing.


What you'll learn & do - Performing

In addition to learning elements of vocal technique, students will be encouraged to explore performing. Performance skills will be explored over the first 4 weeks including:

  • How to choose the right song
  • Managing performance anxiety
  • Exploring text
  • Stagecraft
  • Connecting with an audience

The last 4 weeks will give singers the opportunity to perform in a supportive environment and receive one-on-one coaching to develop their song.


Course outline

Week 1
Introduction to the voice
Ensemble singing

Week 2
Learning warming up
Ensemble singing

Week 3
Learning cooling down
Ensemble singing

Week 4
Exploring a song
Vocal hygiene
Ensemble singing

Week 5
Managing performance anxiety
Performance strategies
Performance class

Week 6
Performance class

Week 7
Performance class

Week 8
Performance class


After completing introduction to vocal technique, students will be invited to progress into the intermediate vocal technique class.

Looking for something more advanced? I also offer intermediate and advanced short courses as well as private lessons. Contact me via email at or phone 0401 909 082.

Out of stock

What students have said

Hear from some off those who have taken this group class and/or private lessons with me.

James Fletcher
James Fletcher
04:41 24 Dec 22
Nadine is an excellent signing teacher. She is equally talented at both signing and teaching, doing both at a supremely high level. Her warm and open personality creates a comforting space where singers at any level, especially beginners, can practice and develop their singing. Nadine is highly skilled at giving tailored feedback and guidance to students to help them improve their skills. And her courses are loads of fun! 100% would recommend.
Loz S
Loz S
19:17 13 Dec 22
Nadine's introduction to vocal technique class was so much fun, and everyone improved so much during the course. She makes people feel very comfortable and safe singing in the group.
judith randall
judith randall
10:46 13 Dec 22
Such a great Course. Nadine was very knowledgeable and made the classes great fun as well as being very informative. She is a great teacher. She is very encouraging and motivating - Thank you
Bianca Smith
Bianca Smith
09:00 13 Dec 22
Nadine is a fantastic singing coach, her passion and enthusiasm for helping people learn and grow is so evident in her teaching. She really allows you to understand the reasons behind every instruction with an easy to follow breakdown of how the body behaves the way it does when learning to sing. I’d definitely recommend joining Nadine’s classes!
Sunny Days
Sunny Days
02:33 18 Sep 22
The best vocal teacher for singers at any level, and a wonderful foundational teacher if you don't have any singing experience!I've had the pleasure of having Nadine as my voice teacher in solo and group environments - her classes are always filled with theory and knowledge, AND emotionally tuned in to each person's unique vocal traits. A real complex balance executed so well!Post-Covid I was so unsure of my voice (having been singing for a few yrs professionally), but working with Nadine, I was able to find confidence again and know the basics of vocal health. I'm no longer afraid that I'm going to ruin my voice, because I now know what I'm doing. And that's all because of these amazing classes. I can't rate her classes highly enough!
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