Online Vocal Lessons

Singing students might be unable to get to my studio, perhaps living too far away, being on tour, or simply preferring singing lessons online. I offer online vocal lessons via Zoom for convenience.

The main advantage of online singing lessons is that you can have your lesson from anywhere. Many of my students leave Sydney for extended periods of time to go on tour both nationally and internationally. Online lessons allow singers to call in for regular lessons, trouble-shooting or just a quick tune up!

My online lessons for singers are run through Zoom. The software is free to download/use and has a reliable connection. Another benefit of Zoom is the free recording feature – lessons can be recorded and viewed at a later time without needing to download additional software.


✓ 45 or 60 min sessions​​
✓ Ideal for aspiring/current professional
✓ Advanced vocal technique
✓ Riffing, belting, vocal effects
✓ Furthering your performance skills
✓ Vocal stamina
✓ Develop a safe warm-up / warm-down
✓ Tailored to you!


✓ 30, 45, or 60 min sessions
​✓ Ideal for singers with some training
✓ Building on existing vocal technique
✓ An understanding of styles and genres
✓ Finding your musical identity
✓ Develop a safe warm-up / warm-down
✓ Dealing with performance anxiety
✓ Tailored to you!


​✓ 30 or 45min sessions
​✓ Ideal for those who enjoy singing
​✓ Build confidence
​✓ Develop a safe warm-up / warm-down
​✓ Learn a solid foundational technique
​✓ Identifying suitable repertoire
​​✓ Breath management
​✓ ​Tailored to you!