Churchill Fellowship to UK and USA underway
Published 8 Sep, 2022

After almost three long years of waiting I am finally off on my Churchill Fellowship.

This fellowship is a two-month research trip to the UK and US, supported by the Winston Churchill Trust – AU and funded by the family of Dr. Iain C Medgitt.

Their support is allowing me to meet with some of the world’s leading experts to research best practices in transgender singing pedagogy and I am forever grateful for what I’m sure will be a trip of a lifetime 😄

Those who know me will understand how near and dear this topic is to my heart. I am so excited to learn better ways to support my students and develop their beautiful voices 🎶

In November I will be headed back to Australia to pass on what I have learned to the singing teaching industry as well as the trans community 🏳️‍⚧️

If you have any questions or are curious about this topic I’d love for you to get in contact ❤️