Churchill Fellowship report published and available to read
Published 20 Dec, 2023

Last year I undertook the trip of a lifetime by heading to the USA and UK to meet with experts on the transgender singing voice.

12 months on from that trip I’m delighted to share my completed Churchill Fellowship entitled ‘The Dr Iain C. Medgett Churchill Fellowship to investigate vocal technique and care of the transgender singing voice in the applied voice studio’!

You can read the report here.

This journey has been a profound one, driven by an unwavering belief in the importance of this research. As a singing teacher I have seen firsthand how powerful and life-changing the voice can be. I have seen individuals find themselves through singing and the heartbreak that can go with struggling to find one’s authentic voice.

The report (which you can read below) is intended for both voice users and voice teachers, with the aim of providing valuable information to a wider range of professions including tertiary educators, directors, musical directors, speech-language pathologists and laryngologists.

I’m the first to admit it’s a lengthy report – there’s so much to delve into and the experts I spoke to were so giving with their knowledge and time! At the end of each interview there are key takeaways, and the executive summary hopefully goes some way to collecting the majority of my findings.

Thank you to everyone who I met with, spoke to in-person or online, listened to, workshopped with, observed… it was a pleasure to work with you and I hope I have done justice the information you shared.

If you have any comments or questions that come up as a result of reading this report, I’m very happy to receive them.