Career Development & Mentoring

The music industry can be tough to navigate, whether you’ve just started out or have years of experience.

To build a successful career in the music industry you not only need to hone your craft but you have to be your own booking agent, accountant, social media manager and marketing department.

It’s a lot to handle and can be overwhelming and confusing, which often leads to performers doing nothing at all and putting it off. In my sessions I focus on the end goal, creating a clear and achievable step-by-step path to your ultimate career.

The long term outcome is to provide musicians with the education and confidence to navigate their own careers, both now and in the future.

My experience mentoring students includes working with music theatre, rock, heavy metal, rap, indie, song writers, session musicians and more. With plenty of years in the industry here in Australia I offer tips and guidance to singers and teachers wishing to make it professionally in the music industry.

What’s next

Career mentoring is a very personal and specific journey. And it’s a collaborative process. Successful mentoring sessions are based on performers feeling confident they are in the right hands. If you’d like to find out more about myself and the way in which I can help guide your journey, please get in touch.